2017 Entertainers 

Playing at 9:30pm – Forgotten Road out of Big Spring, TX is returning again this year!  This band was a crowd favorite back in 2015 and we are excited to have them headlining this year! Forgotten Road says “WE GREW UP IN DIFFERENT BACK GROUNDS BUT WHEN TOGETHER WE’VE GOT A GREAT UNIQUE SOUND. TONY LOVES COUNTRY, BLUES, AND ROCK. TOM IS A ROCKSTAR. LARRY LOVES ALL KINDS OF MUSIC.  AND STEVIE IS A STRAIGHT METAL HEAD.”  Also, “We play country, rock, and blues ….love playing live shows ….writing new music.” “WE COME FROM A WEST TEXAS TOWN. WE CREATED OUR OWN UNIQUE SOUNDS THAT COME FROM THE SOUL. GREAT ORIGINALS WRITTEN ABOUT REAL LIFE EVENTS. LOVE PLAYING LIVE AND WRITING NEW ORIGINALS.” Find out more on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pg/forgottenroadmusic or on their website at http://reverbnation.com/forgottenroad

Playing at 6:00pm – Atomic Possum is a group of seasoned, veteran musicians playing a variety of classic rock, blues, country and original songs for your entertainment.   Chuck Johnson, the youngest member of the group, is our lead vocalist. Besides being an accomplished drummer and singer Chuck also plays guitar. When not on stage performing, Chuck enjoys long walks on the beach and macrame. Leonard Louk, lead guitar and vocals, has been performing all over the Midwest for nearly 50 years. In his free time Leonard collects bottles and almost anything older than himself. Randy “Zeke” Maple, guitar, keyboards and vocals. Being semi-retired Randy likes to spend his time perfecting the art of being a grumpy old man. Cliff True, our drummer and vocalist, is greatly respected painter. When he retires he plans to move from painting houses to painting houses….. on canvas. For fun Cliff Likes to dig ponds by hand. As a boy Richard Brockus found a bass guitar in a dumpster. Richard spends his time trying to learn how to play it. He still goes dumpster diving at night hoping to find the other 2 strings missing on his guitar.

Playing at 5:00pm – Black Onyx is a 4 piece hard rock band originating from Wellsville, Kansas. Started by Tori Ponce and Garrett Kleitz, later adding bass player James Fisher and lead guitar player William Keen. Currently working on releasing their debut CD.

Click on the picture above to go to Black Onyx’s Facebook page!

Playing at 7:30pm – “Cowboy Inc was launched about two years ago when myself, Dale Reese, and my piano player BJ Boucek, began our search for the 3 best musicians in this area to join us in creating a local Country music / Classic Rock band.  We found the best of the best.  Stuart Denton was a Nashville drummer who moved into the Ottawa area.  Mike Newton was a bass player for the River Rock band.  In our home town of Wellsville, we found Mike Whetstone who had been the lead singer from the locally well known Prairie Wine Band.  Collectively, these 5 musicians have played with some of the biggest Country music stars in the US.  We came together as Cowboy Inc and have been proud to play at numerous private and public venues during the last year.  Our song list is over 200 songs and includes music styles such as Classic Country, New Country, Rockabilly, and Classic Rock.  We are excited and proud to be a part of the Wellsville Days celebration this year.”

Playing at 4:30pm – Bayli Price says, “My name is Bayli Price, formerly known as Ay Bay Bay. LGBT and locally famous for my talents with a Rubik’s cube. I’ve been playing for three years and ready to mellow out with my peeps at Wellsville Days this year.”

4:00pm – Jacob Baker is a Senior at Wellsville High School. Jacob has been in Choir since 3rd grade. He loves to sing and make people smile. After graduation Jacob wants to attend Baker University where he plans to major in Chemistry and minor in Music.