IF YOU PLAN TO PARTICIPATE IN SELLING ITEMS AT WELLSVILLE DAYS PLEASE READ THIS VERY CAREFULLY. As a vendor it is your responsibility to know and understand these guidelines. They are put in place for a reason.  Thank You! Please find enclosed information for setting up a booth space at Wellsville Days 2017 and an application to reserve your space. We appreciate the support of all the Wellsville downtown businesses and understand this day may affect the normal routine of your business day, however, we hope that everyone will be supportive of both businesses and vendors.  So, please take this opportunity to showcase your business!

  1. Again this year:

All booths, both east and west side of Main Street, will be located in the STREET along the curb. Please keep the sidewalk behind your booth clear, as people will use it to walk along Main. Also be conscious of open businesses. Please keep their doorways clear.

  1. ALL Booths MUST complete our booth application. Decisions of acceptance are made by the booth committee and are final.  All booth assignments are on a first come first serve basis.  Although we will do everything we can to get everyone here, the booth committee holds all rights to decline a booth application if the booth is duplicating another booth or determining if we have too many food vendors, etc.  You will be notified immediately if your booth is unfortunately declined for this reason.
  1. All booths are ONE DAY ONLY. (Saturday, September 23, 2017)
  1. All booths spaces are a 10 X 10 space. Booth number can be found along the curb. We only provide booth space. No tables, chairs, tents, or other items are provided. (IMPORTANT: You may request a specific location, however, your booth assignment is based on several factors such as your need for electricity, when we received your application, generator noise, etc.)
  1. If you bring a trailer you will be contained to selling in that trailer, if you would like space outside of that trailer for cooking, you will need to ensure that it is on your registration as you may be charged for additional space.
  1. You will be responsible for your own sales tax, display tables, extension cords, electrical strips, water or any materials needed for your display/booth.
  1. ALL Booths should be set up by 9:00 A.M. and will need to remain in place until 5:00 P.M. (For the safety of our community we CANNOT allow cars driving on Main before this time to load their cars). If it is critical that you leave prior to that time you may find parking as close to the barricades as possible and take your booth items to your vehicle for loading.
  1. All displays should be neat in appearance.
  1. Any food vendors that utilize a grease product MUST have a way to dispose of the grease and WILL NOT be allowed to dispose of the grease in the city trash barrels.
  1. All vendors should have a way to dispose of their own trash if needed.
  1. We cannot change booths the day of the show. We appreciate your cooperation with this. 
  1. How to register:

–Please return the application with your payment. Send Payment to Wellsville Days, c/o Mindy Stites, P.O. Box 796, Wellsville, KS.  66092. –You may also register online and your acceptance, space number, and booth map will be e-mailed back to you or mailed if you provide a self-addressed envelope. Your booth will not be considered until payment is received. –You may also pay by credit card/paypal if you register online.

  1. A week or so prior to the event you will receive a confirmation via e-mail or mail including your final booth number and a booth map. ALL booths will be REQUIRED to check in at the Canopy located outside Wellsville City Hall.  NO booths should arrive prior to 6:30 A.M.   If you arrive prior to 6:30 A.M. you will need to wait at 4th & Main to check in. (This is right next to Casey’s)

Vehicles cannot be parked on Main Street.  Vendors may park at the Wellsville High School parking lot located west of 6th and Main, or along the side streets where parking is permitted.  NO parking will be allowed inside of the barricades.


Click below to open the BOOTH APPLICATION as a Word Document if you wish to print it and send it in the mail to us at PO Box 796, Wellsville, KS. 66092

2017 Booth Application


Wellsville Days Online Booth Application

One Vendor per Form Please!


Click below for a list of Booths that have already registered for this year!

Booth Names and Descriptions 2017