The national government said.

South Korea to downgrade bird flu alert from highest level SEOUL – South Korea can on Friday downgrade its parrot flu alert by a single notch from the best level, the national government said. The Ministry of Agriculture, Meals and Rural affairs on Thursday said within a statement that the chance from highly pathogenic bird flu had slipped, since June 19 without new instances reported. The ministry said it could keep disinfecting farms and monitoring the problem until Sept. .To be sure of the findings, the experts replicated the findings in three additional organizations, including non-twin siblings in NY and two sets of unrelated kids from Tx and the uk. This study may be the first to discover a marker that may predict the chance for autism with 90 % accuracy, the extensive research team said, and may indicate a possible new method of diagnosing autism. One professional in autism said the results were intriguing, however in the first levels still. Unfortunately, you can find no instant clinical implications [from this analysis] for early id of autism range disorder nor its treatment, stated Dr.